My take on the E-Cat SK presentation—Rossi now takes orders

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Early prototype of the E-Cat QX on which the E-Cat SK is based (photo: Mats Lewan).

Yesterday, Jan. 31, inventor Andrea Rossi presented his heating device E-Cat SK, with a claimed output of 22 kW at high temperatures from minute amounts of harmless fuel, lasting at least one year. Main take-away: Rossi is now taking orders in the US, Sweden, and Japan, with delivery times of weeks. Now we’re waiting for customers to speak out.

I watched yesterday’s presentation from Stockholm together with a group of persons being interested in the development of the E-Cat. Several of them thought, as many others who watched the presentation online, that the level of he presentation from a commercial perspective was low.

And it’s true that it was not the high level well-directed slick presentation you would expect from a global launch of a potentially world changing product (although I really appreciated the…

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List making

Life should not all be (check) listed but it can help to prioritize… 📝📇

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WakaWaka (solar powerpack and light source) has relaunched

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Schermafbeelding 2018-10-10 om 15.55.43Good news! The best and most rugged solar battery for outdoor (hiking)  use is the”Waka-Waka”. The brand also helps hundreds of thousands of children in refugee camps and remote off-grid areas to read and learn at night. And the”Waka-Waka” company just relaunched. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 09.49.43If you buy one for yourself, another person will also get access to light.

The “WakaWaka Power+” gives you light (instead of having to use a smoking oil lamp) and can charge mobile phones/ cell phones/ smartphones for connectivity .

Available from stores, see the list at:

These things make a difference in the lives of many in the world, not only yourself.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist and lightknight

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The Act of Creation: About Fusion and ConFusion

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Arthur Koestler lived between 1905 and 1983. The first book I read was “The Roots of Coincidence(1973)”. Its main subject is Synchronicity.

In the “Ghost in the Machine(1967)” Koestler argues that the human brain has been built upon earlier more primitive brain structures. When a human is attacked the lower layer is dissociated from the higher layer. The human transforms into a reptile fighting-machine (The Ghost). Much later the Dutch psychologist Piet Vroon wrote a very impressive book about the same subject “The Tears of the Crocodile” (1998).

In 1964 Koestler wrote “The Act of Creation“. The book is about theory building. A new theory is a fusion of two previously separate frames of reference (“bisociation”). For example, dynamic systems theory + psychotherapy = family systems therapy.

Much later (2002) Gilles Fauconnier & Mark Turner (The Way We Think) proved that…

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Why Ben van Beurden (Shell CEO) was left humbled by Hurricane Harvey

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How to become a climate hero

GettyImages-SHELL-HOUSTON Shell gas station in Houston (Getty Images)

During hurricane Harvey Shell’s CEO Ben van Beurden wrote a compassionate post on his LinkedIn profile about the resilience of his company and its employees. 

I, and many of my climate buddies, couldn’t help noticing the disturbing absence of any mention of man made climate change. So I couldn’t help myself and had to react. Feel free to do the same. 😉

Thanks for your compassionate post. On a human level you hit all the right notes and sound sincere. I do not doubt that you do care about your employees. After all, they are what makes your company.

But at the same time you might have noticed that your post caused quite a stir. This, in my opinion is due to the complete absence of you mentioning, man made climate change, and owing up to your companies contribution to said climate…

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South Australia’s Risible RET Rescue: Giant $150m Tesla Battery to Power SA for 4 Minutes

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Jay Weatherill: forces SA taxpayers to pay $550m to fix his own disaster.


South Australia’s wind powered energy calamity hit high farce in the week just gone. Its vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill proved the adage that when you’re in a hole it’s best to stop digging; except that he didn’t – and, instead, determined to dig into taxpayers’ empty pockets.

Faced with a looming electoral disaster 12 months from now, SA’s hapless Labor government is desperate to keep the lights on, having bet the house on wind power.

Announcing a plan that, at a minimum, will cost $550 million to set up (rather than run), Weatherill and his bully-boy sidekick, Tom Koutsantonis demonstrated that hubris and ignorance are not mutually exclusive virtues in South Australian politics.

After repeated blackouts have hit the economic basket case since its last coal-fired power plant closed in May last year – with more…

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