With hatred in my heart: #CharlieHebdo

Are we Free to ‘speak up’ ? Words expressing our thoughts by drawing a cartoon? Why do we hold back the exact moment we should speak up. Right from the heart. Get it out there. Do recent unthinkable event(s) in Paris at Charlie Hebdo give us ‘Carte Blanche’ to say anything or write what we want? Yes and No. Yes! We value our rights to freely say what we want in ‘The Netherlands’. No! From a broader perspective. Not to give in to provocation and hatred. Not to give in to Fear. Some could frame this as being afraid. I disagree. It shows an openness with more power and resilience.
The Media is heating up all events 24/7 and putting a huge pressure on this event.
This could be a break to open a meaningful discussion. If we can keep out wits together. Go back to the core of what is wrong with today’s society. Can we first break free from all disruptive elements? Don’t let media or politicians frame or hi-jack the situation. We need to be reminded what it’s like to be human. To recognize our want and needs. Our flaws. Our blind spots! Look into the mirror. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to Trade Places ? Take a leap of Faith …together. By experiencing our differences and sharing them it can lead towards understanding. That does not mean we always have to see ‘eye to eye’. This is a lot better than ‘eye for an eye’. Keep an open mind and heart. As I write this …all kinds of ideas flow into my mind. Ubuntu means: ‘Oneness’ ! One cannot exist without the other. Like Yin and Yang. Opposites attract and sometimes they clash. Let this be a wake up call for all of us.
Draw or write down how you feel about all this. Reverse all of your thoughts. Write or draw again.
Then compare notes with someone of the opposite party. (Extreme) Prejudice or misunderstanding can be reshaped by making an effort not to change the other person but change and listen to your voice within. Create a path to understand each other. It all comes down to Human Nature.
A New Beginning.
Let’s take this chance and
Reshape our Present through learning from the Past.
Understand where we are coming from and upgrade our ways.

Nurture our Evolution by
Exploring and Sharing Experience!

We Shape our Future!

™4© #NousSommesUbuntu @Ubuntu404