Being Greek and an Economist While Greece Burns: An intimate account – MGSA Keynote 2013

The Day Democracy was saved!

Professor Varoufakis shares his experience and insights at Modern Greek Study Asaociation (MGSA) Indiana University.
How did we let everything get so far?

Take the time to read the transcript and if you like to listen to the audio file skip the introduction a bit 0:900

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Yanis Varoufakis

(Gonda Van Steen introduced the audience to the MGSA 2013 Conference and Artemis Leontis introduced me. The talk begins at around 10′, when the audio becomes loud and clear)

The Modern Greek Studies Association (MGSA) kindly invited me to deliver its 2013 Keynote, at the MGSA biannual Conference held at Indiana University. I grabbed the opportunity to speak auto-biographically and to place the Greek and global crises in a broader context of the discursive battles raging within economics. You can listen to the talk below, click here for a pdf copy or read on for a web version of the text…

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