State of the Union #SOTEU

The State of EU,

Many Challenges lie ahead. Transparency to regain trust. Less bureaucracy and a focus on sustainable energy chain in all of Europe at lowest cost and perhaps generating profit per EU Citizen.
Open up all negotiations on TTIP.

Facilitate a Eurozone Referendum on topics that affect people’s lives.
Reinforce tax on multinationals. Shut down loopholes and offshore accounts. Boost local economies through QE on a Micro level. Reshape the financial landscape. No more excess bonus cultures. Close down the inequality gap to increase a health & wealth balance. When people are given trust and basic needs, their insecurity will disappear. Collaboration between nations will improve.
Clear up messy foreign policy. Political or war refugees need to feel welcome but a huge financial input from the Arabic states is mandatory.
When 5 to 10 million need Refuge in the Eurozone (you do the math?) a rehabilitation/ education/ work program from 1 to 5 years.
Create a special basic income for them and also consider this for the Eurozone as a necessary foundation for humans in general.

We need to share and care more. The biggest transition is coming. In our Nations and the collective in the Eurozone. We are in this together.

We are Ubuntu (404) . We are one💡❤️💭

#Time4Change #Ubuntu404

European Parliamentary Research Service Blog

Written by Aidan Christie

The US President’s State of the Union address has been an annual feature for generations. The corresponding speech to the European Parliament by the President of the Commission has a shorter history but its aim is essentially the same – to report publicly to parliamentarians, and to a broader audience of citizens, on the development of the European Union over the past year and on the executive’s main priorities for the coming year.

State of the Union SOTEU Daniel Noguero / European Union 2015, European Parliament

On Wednesday 9 September, as his maiden year as President of the European Commission draws to a close, Jean-Claude Juncker will give his first State of the Union speech to the European Parliament. He will use the opportunity to report on progress on his ten political priorities, set out in last year’s election campaign. Since the Commission took office in November, efforts have been…

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