NSA spying rolls up US Congress. Bombshell? Kidding?

Surprise? #SpyGate

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NSA spying rolls up US Congress. Bombshell? Kidding?

“Let’s pretend we’re surprised”

by Jon Rappoport

December 30, 2015

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Breaking: While Obama was pursuing the Iran nuclear deal, he wanted to know what Israeli leaders were up to, so he accessed NSA reports. NSA was spying on Netanyahu and other Israeli officials. The thing was, the Israelis were talking on the phone to members of the US Congress. Oops. So it turned out NSA was spying on Congress, as well.

But wait. This story, now being reported as a shocker, is…no surprise at all. It’s business as usual for the NSA. The shock and outrage is fake. Who’s kidding who?

The NSA is a Pentagon agency, and the Pentagon is part of the Executive Branch of government. Of course it’s been spying on the Legislative Branch. If it…

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