Coffee and Creativity

Coffee & Creativity 💌☕️ #LoveIt Share more & Create more (together) #HeartGoals ❤️ @heartbeats1one

I am Still Learning...

Have you noticed that sometimes it seems immensely important to find just the right place to write, to reflect, to think? To an uninitiated observer, it might look like you are on a quest for a cup of good coffee, but in reality, you are seeking something infinitely greater: a corner of the world where you feel happy and welcomed and where your creative spirit feels at home.

Creativity can thrive in solitude or in the midst of a small crowd; in a old coffee shop or in a chilly spring garden – your creative spirit will tell you what it needs.

Have the courage to follow it, trust it, wonder with it and settle down where it asks you to.

Picture taken at the altogether delightful St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in Del Ray, Alexandria VA.

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