Stroke and dementia risk linked to artificial sweeteners, study suggests | Society | The Guardian

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Citing new reserch, the Guardian warns that drinking a can of diet soft drink a day is associated with almost three times higher risk. But critics warn against causal connection.

Source: Stroke and dementia risk linked to artificial sweeteners, study suggests | Society | The Guardian

Clearly more empirical analysis is required. However, there is room for serious concern. We already know that there are very high risks associated with sugary drinks but we are now left with the concern that artificially sweetened drinks could be just as dangerous.

The soft drinks industry has a powerful lobby. Just look at any supermarket, soft drinks are big business.

Sadly, governments seem to be behind the curve in promoting healthy food and drink.


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Basic Income and the Left: The political and economic problems

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This article is part of a series of articles I am publishing examining Basic Income, the labour movement, automation, and the Left. I have already published a piece looking at the history of Basic Income and the labour movement, “Basic Income or a reduced work week? An old labour debate.” The next article will examine the relationship between automation and Basic Income.

Should the Left and labour support a demand for a Basic Income (BI)? This simple question has provoked a fervent and confusing debate.

The discussion over BI touches on real political and economic anxieties. The attack on the social welfare state, the depreciating power of organized labour and an economy producing increasingly low-wage precarious jobs have led many to search for alternative mechanisms and policies to address these problems. It is no wonder that BI with its promise of streamlined access to minimal economic security has attracted…

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The illusion of enterprise risk management – a paper review

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Enterprise risk management (ERM) refers to the process by which uncertainties are identified, analysed and managed from an organization-wide perspective. In principle such a perspective enables organisations to deal with risks in a holistic manner, avoiding the silo mentality that plagues much of risk management practice.  This is the claim made of ERM at any rate, and most practitioners accept it as such.  However, whether the claim really holds is another matter altogether. Unfortunately,  most of the available critiques of ERM  are written for academics or risk management experts. In this post I summarise a critique of ERM presented in a paper by Michael Power entitled, The Risk Management of Nothing.

I’ll begin with a brief overview of ERM frameworks and then summarise the main points of the paper along with some of my comments and annotations.

 ERM Frameworks and Definitions

What is ERM?

The best way to answer…

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