Why Ben van Beurden (Shell CEO) was left humbled by Hurricane Harvey

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How to become a climate hero

GettyImages-SHELL-HOUSTON Shell gas station in Houston (Getty Images)

During hurricane Harvey Shell’s CEO Ben van Beurden wrote a compassionate post on his LinkedIn profile about the resilience of his company and its employees. 

I, and many of my climate buddies, couldn’t help noticing the disturbing absence of any mention of man made climate change. So I couldn’t help myself and had to react. Feel free to do the same. 😉

Thanks for your compassionate post. On a human level you hit all the right notes and sound sincere. I do not doubt that you do care about your employees. After all, they are what makes your company.

But at the same time you might have noticed that your post caused quite a stir. This, in my opinion is due to the complete absence of you mentioning, man made climate change, and owing up to your companies contribution to said climate…

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South Australia’s Risible RET Rescue: Giant $150m Tesla Battery to Power SA for 4 Minutes

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Jay Weatherill: forces SA taxpayers to pay $550m to fix his own disaster.


South Australia’s wind powered energy calamity hit high farce in the week just gone. Its vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill proved the adage that when you’re in a hole it’s best to stop digging; except that he didn’t – and, instead, determined to dig into taxpayers’ empty pockets.

Faced with a looming electoral disaster 12 months from now, SA’s hapless Labor government is desperate to keep the lights on, having bet the house on wind power.

Announcing a plan that, at a minimum, will cost $550 million to set up (rather than run), Weatherill and his bully-boy sidekick, Tom Koutsantonis demonstrated that hubris and ignorance are not mutually exclusive virtues in South Australian politics.

After repeated blackouts have hit the economic basket case since its last coal-fired power plant closed in May last year – with more…

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Stroke and dementia risk linked to artificial sweeteners, study suggests | Society | The Guardian

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Dr Alf's Blog

Citing new reserch, the Guardian warns that drinking a can of diet soft drink a day is associated with almost three times higher risk. But critics warn against causal connection.

Source: Stroke and dementia risk linked to artificial sweeteners, study suggests | Society | The Guardian

Clearly more empirical analysis is required. However, there is room for serious concern. We already know that there are very high risks associated with sugary drinks but we are now left with the concern that artificially sweetened drinks could be just as dangerous.

The soft drinks industry has a powerful lobby. Just look at any supermarket, soft drinks are big business.

Sadly, governments seem to be behind the curve in promoting healthy food and drink.


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Basic Income and the Left: The political and economic problems

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This article is part of a series of articles I am publishing examining Basic Income, the labour movement, automation, and the Left. I have already published a piece looking at the history of Basic Income and the labour movement, “Basic Income or a reduced work week? An old labour debate.” The next article will examine the relationship between automation and Basic Income.

Should the Left and labour support a demand for a Basic Income (BI)? This simple question has provoked a fervent and confusing debate.

The discussion over BI touches on real political and economic anxieties. The attack on the social welfare state, the depreciating power of organized labour and an economy producing increasingly low-wage precarious jobs have led many to search for alternative mechanisms and policies to address these problems. It is no wonder that BI with its promise of streamlined access to minimal economic security has attracted…

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The illusion of enterprise risk management – a paper review

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Eight to Late


Enterprise risk management (ERM) refers to the process by which uncertainties are identified, analysed and managed from an organization-wide perspective. In principle such a perspective enables organisations to deal with risks in a holistic manner, avoiding the silo mentality that plagues much of risk management practice.  This is the claim made of ERM at any rate, and most practitioners accept it as such.  However, whether the claim really holds is another matter altogether. Unfortunately,  most of the available critiques of ERM  are written for academics or risk management experts. In this post I summarise a critique of ERM presented in a paper by Michael Power entitled, The Risk Management of Nothing.

I’ll begin with a brief overview of ERM frameworks and then summarise the main points of the paper along with some of my comments and annotations.

 ERM Frameworks and Definitions

What is ERM?

The best way to answer…

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Snow, Death, and the Bewildered Herd

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by Edward Curtin, from Global Research

Few people at this hour – and I refer to the time before the breaking out of this most grim war, which is coming to birth so strangely, as if it did not want to be born – few, I say, these days still enjoy that tranquility which permits one to choose the truth, to abstract one in reflection. Almost all the world is in tumult, is beside itself, and when man is beside himself he loses his most essential attribute: the possibility of meditating, or withdrawing into himself to come to terms with himself and define what it is he believes and what it is that he does not believe; what he truly esteems and what he truly detests. Being beside himself bemuses him, blinds him, forces him to act mechanically in a frenetic somnambulism.” Ortega Y Gasset – The Self and the…

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H9:30 CET – Livestream – Food as a Commons

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IUC Food Law and Finance

Food as Commons – Dialogue for a Commons Food Policy

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FOLLOW THE LIVESTREAM HERE BELOW: if you face some audio problems, open the page with Youtube. We are doing our best to guarantee a good quality connection.

Comment and ask questions via Twitter: @iuctorino

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More info: http://www.iuctorino.it/studies/m-res

Food, a life enabler, a human right and a cultural cornerstone with multiple meanings, is increasingly treated and governed as a mere commodity by the neoliberal food policies that prevail in the Western World. This is specifically the case throughout the Member States and is epitomized in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The complexity of food, so relevant to any living beings and to the planet, is reduced to that of tradeable good and simplified by the price in the market, so that…

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Controlling The Narrative

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Politically Short

In a New York Times piece published back in May of 2016 byDavid Samuels regarding former President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, Americans were given a rare glimpse into the inner workings of how the past administration operated in controlling the media by creating fictitious narratives in order to propagate their agenda.

The title of the piece itself, “The Aspiring Novelist Who Became Obama’s Foreign-Policy Guru,” should have raised serious concerns given that Rhodes was the single most influential voice shaping American foreign policy aside from Obama himself. Yet, as we’ve become accustom to, it didn’t raise any red flags from the cowards within our media. As Samuel’s explains in his expose, Rhodes’ credentials consisted of having no military or diplomatic service, nor even a masters degree in international relations. The singular reason Rhodes became Obama’s deputy national security adviser is because of his background in creative…

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Memento Mori

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Bozena Sawa

March is for me a month of sad memories. A funeral of a very close Friend was two days ago and my Brother and best Friend forever died 7 years ago. The list of my March losses is much longer. Thinking of all my loved ones who are no longer with us I have written this semi-poem “Memento Mori” as well as other published earlier semi-poems connected with Death, a part of Life, whether you want it or not. This semi-poem will be a part of the second book of “Life Wisdom” which will be entitled “Carpe Diem”.


Mornings are for distribution of energy for daily tasks, leaving some of it for

Evenings–relaxing & merry, to celebrate creative days with a glass of wine.

Morte can come tomorrow. So each day be ready to leave a trace, to help

Earth survive daily rape, poisoning of its people, animals…

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